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02:55 am: Fringe wrapup
Fringe is over. Final tally: 42.1 shows, 7 Thirteenth Hours (including one prom), one music set (by rottenfruit) and one awards show. For posterity, some mini-reviews of the rest of the shows I saw. As before, one star means it was worth making an effort to go see; two stars means it was worth making a special trip to go see.


Drumheller: This almost put me to sleep. I had trouble following, and I'm not sure what they were getting at.
** The Girl Without Hands: Exploration of a very dark Grimm fairy tale. Creepy in a good way.
Gorgeous: Very loud and shrill. Also hard to understand. Among the more unpleasant shows I watched. At least they played good music while we were waiting.


* My German Father: A touching story about growing up with a slightly odd immigrant father. I think I heard an except of this on the radio a few weeks ago.
* Les Goubéens: Semi-translated stand-up comedy from France. High quality stuff, though I started to get a bit tired of it by the end.
** Ben Hur: The Epic: Tons of fun. The brick-throwing scene was priceless. The most interactive show I saw at the Fringe.
* Ladies Room: I didn't know what to expect from their bit at the Fringe-For-All, but it turned out to be amusing-yet-superficial sketch comedy. Very amusing all the same.
** Uncalled For 4: For Forever: We went back to see them do their musical. It went quite well, which was a bit of a relief, though it might have been fun if it had been totally horrible.
** Chinese Clown Cabaret: The monologue/clowning while everyone was seating themselves was almost better than the rest of the show. But then the rest of the show was awesome.
** The Black Roses: I went back, since a few people I was with hadn't seen it yet, and there wasn't much else on the go. The particular performance didn't seem quite as good; maybe everyone was just a bit tired, since it was midnight and the crowd seemed a bit dead too. Oh well.
Fresh Off the Boat: Another touching story about growing up with slightly odd immigrant parents. Less engrossing than "My German Father" somehow.


** Flamenco Con Fusion 2: Holy cow. I don't have any real interest in flamenco, but this show was gripping. Hopefully he'll be back next year.
* From Under The Umbrella: Two short dance pieces. They get bonus marks for making a dance show where I actually understood how the dancing related to their themes (well, for the second part at least). One of these days I'll get myself cultured on these sorts of things.
* Better Parts: Beat poetry with a jazz stand-up bass. Fun and refreshing, but she needs a better title - nobody I was with could ever remember it.
** Terrain de Jeux Pour Marionnettes: A very dark show about the life of a marionette.
* The Chicken Kerfuffle: I finally got to see the Fringe burlesque; we tried a few times to see it last year but failed due to them selling out just about every night. I don't really see what all the fuss is about: it's good, sure, but it wasn't quite spectacular. At least they recovered with a certain amount of grace when their CD skipped a minute into the big finale.
* It's Not You...It's Me: I finally get around to seeing the Solid State breakdancers as my last show of the Fringe. Very good stuff, and undoubtedly my first break-/modern-dance comedy.

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