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08:06 pm: Go Team RAMROD!
That's right, inspired by one of the more underrated movies out there, it's time to start thinking about RAMROD, also known as Ride Around Mont Royal in One Day. This is where a few of us attempt to ride around the entire perimeter of the island in one shot. It should be about 140 km, so about 7 hours on the bikes (at a pretty relaxed, sustainable pace), and maybe 9 or 10 hours in total, including food and rest breaks.

The current plan is to do this the weekend of the 22nd; we'll aim for the Saturday, but if the weather sucks then we'll try Sunday instead. If you want to take part, please let me know and I'll keep you updated. Or, if you want to just watch Super Troopers, I'll probably have a viewing the night before so we can get into the right frame of mind for the ride.

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